Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ninja Turtle Cuddly

I made this fun little pattern for the baby of a friend of mine. She picked the yarn and pattern - I just did the crocheting - but I think it came out really cute!  Sorry for the awful picture - I just snapped a quick one with my phone before taking it over to her.    

She picked cotton yarn (instead of the poly blend that the pattern suggests) and while if you want to be able to wipe up stuff with it - that is a better choice, I think it made it a little harder to make.  The stiffness of the yarn (and this was some of the stiffest cotton I've used) made the amigurumi part tiring to make. When I make this again for my nephew, I will use a poly blend.  

You can find the pattern HERE

Along with a much better picture.  :)

Kai's Quilt

This is the same pattern that I used for Taz's blanket - but with girly colors and prints.   I also machine quilted this myself on a long arm quilting machine.  

I also made a little tiny quilt for her doll to match her own quilt.  

And I made another pillow case to match Taz's pillow case and 2 pillow cases for Kai.