Monday, July 31, 2017

Little Mermaids

So I made mermaid tails for each of my kids crochet dolls and for my own doll, then I got my daughter to set up an underwater scene for the dolls - a friend who makes doll stuff with me also joined our little under water party and we had some fun with a photo session!  I think it came out so cute!  I started with the free pattern on the Red Heart website - but I adjusted it some.  I used fingering weight yarn and instead of working it in one square piece and then closing up the seam, I worked the top in a flat piece and added a snap at the top and worked the tail part in a round.  I used some pretty variegated sock yarn to get some really cute scale looking tails for the dolls.  I can add the specifics of my changes if anyone is interested!  

Saturday, July 29, 2017


I've been having a lot of fun with some book binding lately.  I found some amazing You Tube Video Tutorials from Sea Lemon and learned a lot from them!  But I wanted to make miniature books for my doll, so I used some printables from American Girl Ideas Website and printed them off at 50% and then cut them out and made a tiny book to fit the book cover and covered it up!

I also wanted to make some classics, so I've been making a bunch kind of in the style of the old Barnes and Noble classics books.  I will share when they are done - but in the mean time, if you want any specific classic books - I can easily drop them into the template I made and make everyone's favorites!