Friday, June 3, 2016

Sunbonnet Sue Quilt

I'm not sure how it came about that this quilt isn't on here yet - it's been done for awhile, though it was a long time in the making.  These Sunbonnet Sue squares were found in my grandmother's basement in a box labled "great grandma's quilts" with other craft stuff.  We think they were started by my Great, great, great aunt, but we aren't really sure.  The blocks came to me in varying degrees of "done-ness" and I added something to all of them.  I added embroidery to the puff sleeves in addition to what was already being put on the hats, pockets and shoes.  Considering that this was my first quilting endeavor ever, I think it turned out well - I had a professional do the quilting, I just did the applique (which was all turned under and stitched in place, not the more modern method - so I tried to do the rest the same way that she had done them) and the embroidery and the piecing.  So I kinda got started on this when my grandma passed away in 2005 - and I got it finished a couple years ago, so a long slow labor of love - but so worth it!  

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