Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby Booties and Hat

A friend of mine signed up for the Hook and Needle club through Annie's Attic. She found herself unable to do some of the kits and let me have a few. One of the kits I got was this set of baby booties and hat. Now, the kit comes with instructions for both knit and crochet, but I don't knit well, so I chose crochet. :)

I wasn't crazy about the yarn they sent with the kit - but I don't think I would have minded it so much if the gauge had required a smaller stitch. I like my baby booties to be a tighter and firmer stitch than the patter and gauge allowed - this might have been less noticeable with different yarn, but the combination wasn't my favorite. Despite this, I think they came out cute!

I did do some adjustments to the pattern. The center of the Mary Jane booties was a bit off, so I changed the counting a bit to keep the center of the sock in line with the center of the toe. I also changed the way I did the hat. The pattern had it worked in rows as a flat piece, then had it sewn together to make the round. I worked the piece in rounds - didn't want to make more work for myself than necessary.... I think it worked just fine. I really liked the way the moccasins came out and almost wish I could make myself a pair... :)

I didn't include the moccasins in the picture because I had already given them to a friend with a new baby - I barely remembered to take this pic before I sent the rest off to another friend!

This pattern is only available through the Hook and Needle club and can't be bought on it's own. (At least not as far as I could find!)

I think that if I attempt these again, I will use different yarn, and try a double sole for more stability.

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