Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ripple Throw

This was a project for my mother-in-law. I started out by looking at a bunch of ripple patterns, but was unable to find anything I liked. Most of the ones I saw were really ornate, and we had picked out this beautiful boucle yarn that didn't need a fancy stitch. I ended up just making up my own pattern as I went and really liked the way it turned out.

I am perfectionist when it comes to my crocheting, which can mean a LOT of stitches taken out :) What I found about working with the boucle yarn is that it is much more forgiving of accidents. I ended up leaving a lot of mistakes in there because the boucle yarn made them invisible. If you have never worked with these fancy yarns before (and are maybe a bit scared by them) give them a try! They take some getting used to - but are fun once you get going.

I have tried to type the pattern up for you - however I am inexperienced as a pattern writer - so if you give it a try and find problems, or have questions - feel free to leave a comment here and let me know!

The finished size was about 52" x 70" and I used a bit more than 2 Skeins of Sensations Rainbow Boucle Patterns Yarn - The Skeins are 11 oz each - I would say I used less than 30 oz of the yarn.

The pattern is a PDF file - you can download it here

And if the download is giving you trouble - here is the jpeg. Just right click the image and select "save image as"


  1. I like the ahghan but I can't get to down load says done but nothing comes up, just thought I'd let you know and it's lovely.

  2. HI...

    What is the size of the throw as written? Also how much yarn did it take for that particular size?

    Thank you.

  3. Tried to download, but says you do not have permission to download. Disappointed!