Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Floral Stripes 18-inch Doll Outfit

Ok - First up is this outfit which I made for my daughter for her birthday. The one I made was one pattern in a set of 3. I made the one on the left. Overall - I really liked the way the pattern worked. It was easy to understand, mostly simple stitches and turned out looking good. I got the pattern at Annie's Attic and used yarn that I got from Jo Ann's, Hobby Lobby and Walmart. My main gripe is that the printed version they sent me smudged when it got a bit damp (courtesy of one of my kids....)

I also added a lining to the purse. I basically took the purse pattern and made it again, but on the row where you stitch in back look only, I stitched in the front loop only, to put the pretty side on the inside :) I really like how the purse turned out with the lining

I also made a little bracelet which you can't see in the picture, because the purse is covering it.... I just made a chain as long as her wrist then joined it to make a circle. Then i sc in each stitch around. I made a small flower and attached it with a button. If I get around to it, I might even make a larger one for my daughter to match it.... :)

So here is how my attempt came out. I dressed up my daughters doll in the outfit and we had a little photo shoot :P The variegated yarn I used created a totally different look - but I still like it. I might even make this again in different colors for my next daughter... Oooo the joy of girls and making doll clothes!

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