Friday, September 30, 2011

Diaper Bag and Accessories

I saw this diaper bag set shortly after I found out that my younger sister was pregnant with her first baby. I wanted to spoil her, and thought that a good gift would be this diaper bag, stuffed with all the things a new mom needs. This pattern was in the March 09 issue of Crochet!

The first thing that needed to be altered was the colors. I wasn't a huge fan of the bright colors. :) I found some of the instructions hard to understand - mostly when it came to putting the thing together, so I just kinda played around with it until I liked it. I also changed how I did the lining. I made it a bit more complicated, but I think a bit nicer looking too. The pattern suggests just taking a piece of fabric and folding it in half. I actually went to the effort of making the lining fit to the shape of the diaper bag. The pattern also included a changing pad which was a great quick and easy project.

In addition to the pieces of the pattern, I made a few other pieces to go with this set that would also make GREAT quick and easy baby shower gifts. Some of them are shown here in the picture - this was my finished set that I sent off to my sister. I love how it came out - I don't know that I would go to the trouble of the full set for anyone other than my sister, but I really like the finished product.

So I thought I would type out the patterns for the other pieces I made and make them available to you. LOL - this may take a bit of time, but here is the first. The first one is a diaper and wipes carrier. A friend of mine (with more sewing ability than I will ever have...) gave me something like this for a baby shower gift. I LOVED it. I loved having something with diapers and wipes together that I could just grab and take, without having to drag the full diaper bag along if I didn't want to. This carrier will fit a travel wipes case and 4-5 diapers up to size 6. I swear, the button matches better in person.... the flash of the camera seemed to make the greens totally different!

Snag the pattern here as a jpeg - just click on it - then right click and choose 'save image as'

I don't feel comfortable giving the diaper bag pattern out - it isn't my pattern. :( (though I wish it were - lol - but I'm not that clever!) The way I got the pattern from such an old magazine is by signing up for the digital subscription to Crochet! Magazine - it's very inexpensive for a year subscription - plus you can download the back issues too - for me it was SOO worth it - that ended up being over 25 magazines for only $16 - if you want to check it out click here

This pattern is now being offered for free - you can go download it here


  1. This is so cute! I like your crochetted diaper pouch so much better than mine! Wanna make me one? Teehee!

  2. I love these... having a boy next month and trying to make as much of his stuff as possible by myself... however i can't seem to get it to let me download the pattern, it says something about the link being messed up... is there anyway you could email it to me and the changing pad or diaper bag or both if you have them available as well or just where i could find them even... my email is

  3. I cant open the pattern either. Anyway you could have it posted on the page?

  4. I'm having trouble downloading too...

  5. I love the way that you did the diaper bag and accessories! Is there any way that you could post your pattern to the diaper bag and changing pad or email it to me? I have tried locating the March 09 issue, but can't seem to locate one online. Thanks!

  6. I cant open it either is this somewhere else where I can get the pattern could you please send me the link
    Thank you

  7. I really like this bag. The digital subscription only goes back 2 yrs. We can't get the March 09 issue. Maybe the library has a back issue.

  8. I know this was an old post but I am hoping you'll still answer. I love your idea. I am having a baby in March and I am making anything and everything as possible to make the time fly. Besides the bag and diaper pouch what else did you make and can you send me the patterns! Please and Thank you!